Company Campaign

If you are the owner of a small or midsized company, or if you are thinking about starting a company, you owe it to yourself to read the following METHOD HOW to achieve entrepreneurial success using company campaigns.


When you think about it, promoting a company is similar to the actions taken for a politician whose goal is to win an election.


They achieve that objective by getting people to vote for them with an overall big picture campaign goal.


The primary objective breaks down to smaller subgoals sometimes called tactics.


Politicians know that voting, like other decisions, are often done from a very emotional viewpoint. The politician uses feelings and values to get people to vote for them.


What a voter believes in is what the politician plays on, knowing that those beliefs are what are going to get them elected.


The politician use the voter’s beliefs and emotions to develop a main slogan, usually only three to four words, which in turn is supported by sub slogans, that are usually spoken when giving an event speech.


The politician uses a series of short strategies, sometimes called sub strategies or tactics, to reach the ultimate goal which is to win the election.


Online and other tools are used together to make certain that the voter is aware of the politician and the beliefs and values involved which can including websites, advertising, email, texts and more.


The combination of emotion, beliefs, strategies and tools when combined together with a clear major goal and subgoals are the plan or…Company Campaign!


And the good news is that if you do a new campaign at least monthly, or for a stronger result, weekly, you as an owner who is using a Company Campaign, as you get better and better at this DIY (Do it Yourself) process, you will land the outcomes you want more often.


The Method How to do what you want to achieve with your weekly company campaigns comes down to having a new strategy to use every seven days.


If you are a “person in need” and have a “company in need” you might be eligible for getting strategies weekly on a one at a time basis for no cost.


METHOD HOW are the developers of your weekly strategies and are who you should contact via subscribing to the “METHOD HOW Report” that gives ongoing previews of coming strategies that you can use. Subscribe to the METHOD HOW Report and find out if you are eligible to get strategies on a trial basis. Most of the digital tools you need for your Company Campaigns can be gotten online at no cost.